Swing Central is Australia’s most sophisticated swing band, fronted by the super suave Brad Leaver whose velvet crooning has been melting hearts all over the world for 15 years.

Pack up and come fly away with the best swing band around. Picture yourself dancing cheek to cheek with your loved one, to the music of a more refined and romantic era, when women in hats and gloves were wooed by handsome strangers in the night. To a time when crooners like Sinatra and Dean Martin ruled the nightclubs.

Indulge in a martini, sit back and relax to the smokey smooth vocals of Mr Brad Leaver. As sophisticated and profound as anything by Tony Bennett, Brad combines PhD intellect with caveman machismo, mixed in a blender of pure swing, guaranteed to grab even the most Sinatra-proof listener way down at the bottom of their soul.

Backed by either the piano trio or a nine-piece big band led by musical director Ian Macrae, strap yourself in for an unforgettable night of swing and bossa nova classics. Celebrate the style and elegance of the fabulous forties and fifties aboard this first class musical journey.

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